40W Solar Led Street Light in HUI ZHOU

Project: 40W Solar Led Street Light

Project Location:  Qiniangtan Village Huizhou, China

Project Introduction: To call on the policy of promotion and reconstruction of the countryside, the village committee decided to install solar led street light to beautify the village environment.  There are 40 sets solar led street light in total.

Solution:  40 watt solar led street light system is design by our professional engineers. The work hours is 12 hours. The light is automatically on when it is dark. The light is off when sun rises. There is no error for 365 days since it was done in 2013. 

Within 3 years, the system saves or reduces:

Energy Consumption:25754.4kwh

Electricity bills: 30,000RMB

Carbon dioxide emissions: 25676.738KG

Sulfur dioxide emissions: 772.62KG

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