30 Watt Solar Led Street Light in Guang Zhou

Project: 30 Watt Solar Led Street Light

Project Location: National Defense Educational Base Guangqian Village Baiyun District Guangzhou, China.

Project Introduction: This village is located in the north of Baiyun District, which is about 30 kilometers away the downtown. To call on energy conservation and emissions reduction, they decided to build solar led street light system for surrounding lighting. The amount is more than 200 sets.

Solutions: We design two proposals for this base. The stand alone 30 watt solar led street light and double 20 watt lamps solar led street light. The work hours is 12 hours. The system works with zero-error operation since it was done on 27th October 2012

With 4 years, it saves or deduces:

Energy Consumption: 36135KWH

Carbon dioxide emissions:35892KG

Sulfur dioxide emissions: 1080KG

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